Thursday, February 11, 2016

six year old's have no business knowing about wee

So you know, I'm a lover of all kinds of music.  I honestly don't believe in censoring music for the benefit of the kids - I've always kind of considered it a form of art.  Like, almost the same thing if my kid saw a nude painting or you know, that famous statue of the naked guy with the small penis.  What is it, Michelangelo or something?  I can't remember.  ANYWAY I've always been very anti-censoring.  Music, art, books, whatever.  I pretty much feel like if it is relevant, or it isn't like blatantly obnoxious, I am fine with it.  And if there is something that I do find offensive, I just don't put it out there to my kids.  You know, I'll just change the channel, turn the station on the radio, fast forward the tune.  We parents have plenty of control over that stuff.

On a similar note, I do not swear in front of my kids at all.  I do love swearing, but I know my audience.  And my audience is a very small one without children in it.  Unless if you include the internet, because sometimes I forget about that audience. 

Obviously, rap and hip hop always have a ton of swear words in their songs.  I enjoy a bunch of music from that genre, however I don't usually play it in the car with the kids because it really is very glaringly inappropriate.  Every other word is a bad word, and you can't like, sing along at all without singing some version of Effing effity eff car, g.d. effing gun, em effing drugs, you get the point.  Pretty much every other word is the F word.  And I don't mean "fart."  

Well, so even though I don't believe in censoring, I think I am pretty careful about avoiding the inappropriate tunes.  I'm trying to keep my kids from sounding like a bunch of scuzzy dirtbags for as long as I can.  It's usually about middle school around here before the kids try test out the swearing thing.  

So anyway, I was driving Brooke to school today and it reminded me of a funny thing that happened a few years ago when Brooke and I were driving to elementary school.  A song by Drake and Nicki Minaj came on - Moment 4 Life.  It's pretty inappropriate, for sure.  Normally I would have switched it, but I wasn't paying much attention because Brooke and I were talking about the field trip she was going on that day - she's was so excited, she didn't shut her yapper the entire ride.  The song seriously went right over my head, just kind of like light music was playing in the background.

So all of a sudden, Brooke stops mid-sentence and says "There are bad words in this song Mom."  And I was like, "You know, there are some bad words in this song Brooke."  And she goes, "Want me to tell you one of the bad words Mom?  Fuckin'."  And I cringed.  And I was like, shit, how does she know the real F word is a bad word at 6 years old??  Thank you very much Nicki Minaj.  So I don't act all shocked or freaked out because I kind of feel like if you make too much of a big deal about the bad words, those words suddenly become really attractive to a kid, just because they aren't supposed to say them.  So I said, "Yeah, that's a really bad word - you're not allowed to say that."  And she goes, "Yeah, like I couldn't just go into school and say, 'I'm going on a fuckin' field trip today' to my teacher, right Mom?"

And inwardly I was like, omg.  Also, I felt a snitch proud that she completely used the eff word in context.  High five!  No, just kidding.  Kinda.  So I said, "No, no you can't say that word at school, or anywhere.  You'll get in big trouble if you do because it's really inappropriate."  And she goes, "Well what will happen?"  And I said, "Bare hiney spanking."  So she mulls it over for a second and goes, "I know Mom.  I won't say it."  At this point we've reached the crazy stupid drop off line at the elementary school, so I'm just about to kiss her goodbye and she stops and says, "Is 'wee' a bad word?"  And I was like "Wee?"  And she goes, "Yeah, like in the song it says 'smoke some wee.'"  As in weed.  As in pot.  As in illegal drugs.  

Ugh.  I definitely went straight home and switched around the playlists on my iPod.  Hearing a sweet little innocent voice saying fuck and KIND OF saying weed, and grasping that they are bad things to say made me rethink the censoring of the music in front of little ears thing.  

Because six year old kids have no business knowing about wee.

What do you think about censoring? I sometimes wish I could go back to that time, with one kid in college, one in high school and one in middle school, it seems like everyone knows about wee, AND bad words.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

there should be a generic letter of intent for facebook defriending

So Facebook has approximately 597 billion users or something.  OK fine I have no idea how many users Facebook has.  I made it up. eh hem... My point was that Facebook has a ton of users GUYS.

Personally, I hate talking on the phone.  I am not a phone chatter, so Facebook and texting helps make me a happier, more communicative person.  And less of a person who ignores responding to a back log of phone messages. Really, besides texting, what is a better way to communicate in this day and age than Facebook?

So how do you decide if defriending someone is offensive or not?  Don't you think it would be much kinder to send the person you want to defriend a Generic Letter of Intent, so they at least know why you're dumping them and they aren't surprised when they go to message you about setting up a playdate or something?

I got defriended before. I have to admit I was a little offended. At first I couldn't decide if I was offended or relieved. Then I was all, "That asshat that I haven't spoken with since 11th grade defriended me??  Who does he think he is??"  And now it's all awkward when I walk past him in the grocery store because I feel all squinty-eyed and defensive. But whatever, at least he has the balls that I don't. I mean that literally and figuratively, because you know, I'm a girl. And I also don't really have the balls to defriend people. Mostly because I don't like to hurt people's feelings.  Who knew I was so nice?

Facebook is a tough thing. You start up with it, you get excited to reconnect, you get all feeling like you're popular because you have 276 friends.  Woo hoo!  Then you realize that you kind of lost contact with most of those "friends" for a reason. Like, maybe they weren't really your friends to begin with. So initially you get caught up in the whole thing but then you find yourself stuck with friends who aren't your friends, and you really aren't sure if you want them looking at that adorable picture of your placenta.

FYI, I never posted an adorable picture of my placenta. I may actually gag at the thought. I've heard that people have posted pictures of their placentas and other miscellaneous disgusting things and I'm not really sure why. I mean, I'm sure my placentas were as adorable as everyone else's placentas, but for the love of all that is normal, someone please tell me why we would post such things?

Anyway, I don't really think there is a delicate way to defriend someone. I've just really learned about the ways to make certain things private, and I use those features for people I don't feel close enough to share everything with.

Not that I'm hugely into Facebook or anything.  But it really does make a playdate set-up happen pretty effortlessly. Especially if you don't have the other parents phone number or something.

And I am all about effortlessly.  It is almost my favorite word.

On another note, blogger really needs to get with the times and make some updates.  The word defriend is a word of the times, right?  I mean, it's a Facebook world we live in! It's got to be in the dictionary at this point, and blogger spellcheck keeps giving me the option of changing it to befriend or behead.  Hm.  In a way defriending someone is sort of like beheading, right? Just lop it off, nice and clean, no discomfort. Well fine, obviously there is going to be some discomfort.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

11 forgotten products all 80's girls were obsessed with...

If you were an 80's girl like I was, I bet you can't imagine a world where you didn't have your vanity covered in several, if not all of these products.

1. Jean Naté after bath splash - You could get this quality "after bath splash" right at the corner drugstore. Just a splash was all you really needed for everyone to know you were coming.  If I recall correctly, we used to have the Jean Naté powder puff thing on the back of our toilet too, for convenience obviously.

2. Love's Baby Soft - This was the first perfume my mom ever let me get, the kind you wore as you were crossing from the lowly pre-teens to the big time junior high school years. Another high quality perfume that you could pick up at your local pharmacy. It really smelled powdery like a baby, which now that I think about it was kind of weird. 

3. Tickle Deodorant - I loved this stuff because it was deodorant that was fun! Whoever designed this definitely knew their market, what kids would be into, deodorant-wise. The ball of this thing was huge and really covered every square inch of your pit. B.O. wasn't happening if you wore this stuff, and B.O. was your worst nightmare in those days. And who doesn't love a colorful rolly-polly deodorant anyway?

4. "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific" shampoo - Back in the day, when people still said "Gee..." Truth be told, it actually did make your hair small terrific...

5. Lip Lickers -  I totally remember having a ton of these in different flavors at the bottom of my purse, collecting lint.  Remember the tin top thing that slid off to magically reveal the greasy lip balm stuff?  Aw. These were the kind of things that you always used up fast because they were just fun. Then if you were really crafty, you'd save the empty tin and make an Asprin holder or something. That wasn't me.

6. Noxzema skin cream- I could recognize this smell a mile away.  Everyone I knew seemed to have this little blue jar of awesomeness.  If I remember correctly, my BIL Ty had a huge crush on the Noxzema Girl all through high school. I think he still does, actually. I was not much of a skin cream wearer, I was a very low maintenance kid, product-wise, but I think I had a jar of this stuff just because everyone else was doing it, mom. 

7. Aqua Net Hairspray - The product that may have single handedly ruined the ozone layer thanks to teen girls everywhere. Well!  In the day of super high bangs and hard sticky hair, girls needed to be on point for the average high school day! I personally did not contribute to the ruined ozone. I was not a hair spray user because I didn't have the patience to do my hair all tall like that (I cannot say the same for my older sister), which is why I am not completely mortified when my mom brings out my old high school class pictures. I think I tried high hair once in Colorado and I walked into school thinking maybe I was all that and my boyfriend looked at me like, wtf did you do, Jessee?? So I never did THAT again.

8. Sun In hair lightener - Speaking of hair, if you wanted to look like a beach babe, even if you lived nowhere near a beach, you sprayed this stuff in your hair.  Or if your mom wouldn't buy it, you could just use lemon juice.  I speak from experience. I totally remember forcing myself to "lay out" on my back porch to let this stuff sink in and make me look beachy. I hated laying out. I'm sure I also had baby oil slathered all over me for the perfect tan.  Ah, the good old days before people gave a crap about skin cancer.

9. Bonne Belle Lip Smackers - I had a bunch of these things pre-junior high.  Once you hit junior high this stuff was considered too babyish to use publicly.  Maybe it was the primary colors or something, but you definitely had to toss these to your younger sisters and move on to lip gloss if you wanted to be like the cool kids.

10. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - Oh man, every so often I will walk past these little pink and green things and it will bring back memories of getting all ready for a high school dance. The eyeballs had to be exactly perfect to get the last slow dance with your crush - a little eye liner and mascara went a long way. I think they also had them in colors and I may or may not have had one in electric blue. These have been around for like, 40 years, no joke. And they are still really inexpensive! 

11. Sea Breeze astringent for your skin - So this stuff burned the shit out of your face, but it didn't seem to deter the masses of girls who swore by it. I was lucky enough to not be zitty, and unlucky enough to have really dry skin, so I could not use this without looking like a leper.

Monday, February 8, 2016

smugly husband and fugly mudroom floors

So when we built this house, I really, really didn't think about the details too hard. I am one of those people who hates shopping, and I avoid spending hours poring over the shade of knobs that I should put on my kitchen cabinets and other equally horrifying things. I do think though, that we got pretty lucky with all of our quick decisions, because my house is really pretty nice.

However, there were times when my contractor decided something without necessarily consenting me us, so it was more HIS style than mine ours. Side note, the very few times my husband and I ever really fought, besides that time when he refused to get a flu shot like a god damned lunatic, were when he refused to tell the contractor that we weren't into something that he did, without our consent. I'm all, we're PAYING him to do what we want! And he was all like, then YOU say it! And I was all like, but you're the guy!  And he was all like, GRR!

And THAT'S why we have linoleum on our mudroom and laundry room floors.

So I mentioned that besides lots of travel, interior painting, getting some new kitchen appliances, re-doing the front walk-way and hiring a landscaper, maybe we should just fucking replace the fugly linoleum. Some people HATE linoleum. And Alex is all like, lets just wait till next year to replace them. Next year we will be loaded. And I am all like, Shut up you ass. Let's just make it happen! Throw caution to the wind! We could be dead next year! And he's all like, well then I guess we wouldn't need new linoleum then, would we Jessee.  And then I am all like, don't ever call me Jessee again. And then he smugly chuckled.  And then I stamped off like a goddamn child and inwardly fumed.

Friday, February 5, 2016

fuck pants, anyway

I think my comfy couch is my office.  It just occurred to me.  And why SHOULDN'T it be my office? I think people would be way more productive if they worked from a comfy couch.  Sometimes I pay my bills on the couch, I sort mail, I read... 

Well, more often than not I get lost perusing the Internet.  I tend to spend far too much time scrolling through Facebook, clicking on every awesome Pinterest board, or organizing playlists on Spotify. 


I guess based on me personally, that productivity theory isn't exactly true. Don't judge me!  It's just that once I've committed to being comfy, I have a hard time refocusing on other very important things, like eating or folding laundry.

I'm sure other, less loungey people would actually be more productive.  Look at Google workers, for example. Apparently they get to work in a comfy environment, and they're rather successful and productive.

Speaking of loungey, I had to answer the door today and I was all like, God damn, now I have to get up from the comfy couch, before I planned on getting up, to answer the dumb door!  My indentation was perfect, I perfected it by sitting in the same place for a period of time that I am a little ashamed to admit, in fact.  ANYway, I figured maybe I would just ignore the door  Because who actually comes over unannounced mid-day anyway?

Then I thought maybe I should just check.  I did the covert thing where I slowly peeked around the corner to see if I could get a glimpse of who might be at the door. Which now that I think about it, was a dumb move.  Because I actually already know I can't see who is at the door from that particular angle, and go figure, I couldn't see anyone. So then I did the thing where you tiptoe to the closest window and ever so gently ruffle the curtain to see if there is a car in the driveway.  I don't know why the tiptoeing was necessary but you know, it felt right at the time.

Then it occurred to me that I didn't actually have pants on.  Well, I kind of had pants on.  PJ pants, if you will.  Because, fuck real pants!  Who needs real pants when you are all comfy and cozy?  PJ pants are always the way to go. I believe they're imperative in achieving the perfect level of coziness.  I was thinking I should invent pj pants that look like real pants so that when my husband gets home from a long day at work it looks like I got dressed. Because that's embarrassing. Particularly when I forget to make dinner... But then I was all, damn I think someone did that already with PajamaJeans. Those smarty pants beat me to it.  See what I did there?

So it turns out that nobody was at the door.  Well, a delivery guy had dropped a package on the porch, but by the time I got there he was gone.  Which was fine with me, because I don't necessarily want to chat with anybody smack in the middle of cozy couch time.

On another note last night my dog growled for at least five minutes at my foot shadow.  In her defense it did look a little like a black ghost. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The passive aggressive eff you

Nowadays, people who can hide behind the cloak of their computers or other devices are pretty freaking bold.  It's like, because they aren't looking you in the actual eyeball, they feel more confident saying fuck off.

Incidentally, fuck off is one of my favorite things to say, in my head and out of my head even.  In case you were wondering.  I do try to curb it and keep it in my heart if I am in the vicinity of my kids though, jeez.

For the most part, your average person is a little more reserved and not so quick to say fuck you even if you deserve it, and even with the relative anonymity of the Internet and computer. But still, they find a way to convey the message, to say it without exactly saying it.  You know, the passive aggressive "fuck you." Except if you are a Mormon, because Mormon's don't say eff you.  Well actually, are they allowed to say EFF, but not fuck?  That's a legit question for any Mormon who might actually read this.

ANYway, being passive aggressive doesn't mean you're a bad person, rather, it's a way that people can vaguely get their point across when they don't feel comfortable speaking their mind, or are afraid to be honest.  Sometimes, they don't even realize what they are doing.  Someone really needs to call those people out because that behavior is really pretty annoying.

I'm more of a straight up eff you say-er, but it sure takes a lot for me to get there, and it usually flies out of my mouth when I've been poked to the point of not taking a moment to censor myself.  Passive aggressive eff you-ers bug me.  Because usually it's like, YOU know what you mean, and THEY know what you mean, so you might as well just fucking go for it and let the chips fall where they may, right?

Here are some of the ways you can be passive aggressive if you've left your balls in your Mom's purse and you're too much of a wimp to actually come out and directly say what you mean:

You can say, "no offense, but..."  This basically means, don't take offense but I am about to totally offend you. Everybody knows this.

You can deliberately do something to bother someone, but then act like you didn't know it would bother them.  Like you could blast your favorite post punk tunes when you know your brother is studying for a huge exam, because you're pissed at him for not giving you a ride home from school.  When he stamps into your room having a fit at your infantile behavior, you feign complete shock and say, "What? I had no idea it was so loud! Jeez! Relax!" This is when he should respond with, "Grow up, asshole."

You can say, "fine." or "whatever."  This one bugs me, seriously.  Probably because most of the offenders are of the teen-age variety. They'll say it when they've reached the end of their argument and know that they are going to lose, so whatever. Whatever makes me want to smack you, or at least pull your perfect little pony tail. 

You could say/text, "JK" or "just kidding."  Like, I absolutely hate you, bitch.  Haha, jk.  Riiiiight... you're just kidding.  Because that's so funny?  I don't know, there's something about nasty sarcasm that I'm supposed to consider a "joke" that really turns me off.  

You could give a backhanded compliment.  Like, "Your dress is gorgeous!  It's really too bad you couldn't find it in a bigger size..." Insulting me but attempting to soften it with a slight compliment is so obvious. How about, just shut your mouth if you aren't into it. A lot of times backhanded compliments are really about jealousy.

You could ignore a text when you have the read receipt function.   I know you read my text.  You know that you read my text.  You know that I know that you read my text.  This is a way of punishing the sender by giving them the silent treatment or cold shoulder.  Just be an adult, communicate clearly and fucking respond! Jerk!

Huh.  It seems that writing about these passive aggressive kinds of people have me feeling a little aggressive myself... maybe I should go find someone to be all cranky at.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

6 kinds of people that should have their flying privileges revoked

I enjoy flying for some odd reason.  I know a lot of people who abhor it.  Too be honest with you, if I think too hard I abhor it too, because OMG I'm trapped!  In the sky!  But then I talk myself off the ledge, play a little Candy Crush, and get in the zone.  I think I like flying because I know that strapping myself in a can filled with random people, mutually in the sky, brings me to some place that I really want to be.  

When I fly, I go prepared to entertain myself.  Because who wouldn't?  One time, I was seated next to a guy with no carry-on. Seriously, he had no book, nothing to listen to... just like, nothing!  Who does that?? And inwardly I was all thinking, wtf is he going to do for the next 4 hours??  Attempt to talk with me in close quarters?? It made me very anxious. We managed somehow, random guy and I. I used the Universal Signal of Don't Talk to Me (headphones, obviously), and he looked out the window for several hours.  It all worked out.

There are always a handful of people that you come across on airplanes that really just shouldn't be allowed to be there.  The most important thing to be when you are flying with 250 other people, is to be courteous, don't you think?  It's the people that are completely inconsiderate of others that should have their flying privileges revoked.  I've compiled a list of people that I believe fall into this category.  Feel free to put your two cents in.

1. Parents who don't corral their kids:  I get it.  We've all been there.  It's hard to fly with kids. The fact that you are confined to a space that is the equivalent of a short, skinny telephone booth, with a short, sometimes screamy, slobbery, whiney person makes this hard. Most kids just don't like to be forced to stay in a tiny space for hours on end, and the average person actually does understand. I honestly don't care if your kid is crying or flipping out - for whatever reason that has never bothered me.  It's the parent who blatantly ignores the flipping out child that shouldn't be able to fly.  Because guess what? It's your job as the parent to be prepared to be in the short telephone booth with the short person for a while.  Bring some shit to entertain your short person.  And if Shorty is kicking or yanking on the seat in front of him, or throwing crushed up saltines at the people seated behind him, manage it.  You and your kid aren't the only people on the plane. 

2. People who don't seem to give a shit about your personal space: Again, we are all confined to a small space.  When your elbows encroach upon my area, or when you manspread your legs into my invisible rectangle, that is very uncool and I am silently cursing you and your mom.  When you lean your seat way, way back, the people behind you actually lose some of the very tiny space that they are allotted. I am opposed to the leaning of the seats, actually.  It really isn't fair. Just remember that everyone is as uncomfortable as you are - the more respectful you can be of other's space, the better.   

3. People who are yappers and don't grasp the Universal Signal of Please Don't Talk to Me: Some people just don't like small talk.  That doesn't make them a jerk. That doesn't mean they don't like you. It just means that they are either uncomfortable with mindless chatter, or they're tired, or they just aren't the best at talking with randoms. Typically, in order to avoid coming off as a jerk, those people pop their headphones on once the plane is in motion.  The usage of headphones is the Universal Signal of Please Don't Talk to Me.  Everyone should know this and respect it.

4. Gas passers, burpers, or otherwise smelly people: This should go without saying, but invariably, there is always some fool who obliviously unwraps a tuna sandwich or some smelly cheese on a long flight. Or they take off their shoes to uncover some ungodly, nasty, sweaty travel feet.  And if you can't hold in your bodily smells for the duration of a flight, get your shitty ass to the bathroom. Some people have weak constitutions and can't handle your stench in such close quarters. And they shouldn't have to!  Refrain from the refried beans prior to boarding, for the good of the people.

5. Those who partake in PDA:  PDA = Public Display of Affection:  I'm not referring to holding your partner's hand, or a little snuggle.  I'm referring to forcing everyone around you to be subjected to you and your significant other publicly making out and pawing at each other. It's just uncomfortable for everyone.  Save it for the privacy of your own space, please.

6. Generally loud people: If you're a loud talker on an airplane, you're probably a loud talker in real life. I get that some people have naturally loud voices (one of my kids does, actually), but you really need to be aware of your volume.  Not everyone on the plane wants to hear about your life story for 3 hours.  To avoid people wanting to duct tape your face, just shhhhh... take it down a notch, or three. It's all about respect.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

20 random things about me

I'm not so narcissistic that I think you really care about 20 random things about me, but I'm posting them anyway because why not? You may or may not already know about some of these random things. If it's of no interest to you, keep it in your heart, Celine Dion.

1.   I suck at meeting new people.

2.   I used to wear glasses, then contacts. Then I quit wearing anything and now I can't see very much. 

3.   My first real boyfriend died in a car accident when we were in 10th grade.

4.   I like the smell and taste of bourbon, but I'm not very great at drinking it.

5.   I used to think I wanted a tattoo but now I'm just iffy. I do think I've found the perfect for me word to get printed on my body forever til I die though.

6.   The first concert I ever went to was Guns 'n Roses and Aerosmith and I kind of hated it.

7.   I used to pass out for no particular reason. That hasn't happened in a while.

8.   I have been on a 7 year quest to find the perfect jeans. So far so bad.

9.   I hate being hot and sweaty unless I can have at least one foot in cold water, or at least be in the shade. It makes me nauseous and dizzy. Weird.

10. I got my first job when I was 14.

11. I thought I didn't have any grey hairs but now I think I do.

12. The last concert I went to was Morrissey and I kind of hated it. See a theme here?

13. I wish I had a talent.

14. 97% of the clothes in my closet are black.

15. I forget to wash off my makeup pretty much every night.

16. A memory of an amazing moment can affect me almost as much as the actual moment did.

17. I have had my heart broken exactly twice, by the same person. Jerk.

18. I hardly hate anybody.

19. I want to learn how to play the soprano sax.

20. I actually can dance okay, I just don't do it in front of people unless I am super tipsy.

Now it's your turn to share 20 random things about you.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Disney, and a sucky thing about technology

Brooke and I were recently in Orlando to visit a few parks.  It was such a nice little getaway, just her and I, which is kind of unusual these days.

Anyway, the last time we were at the parks was a few years ago. Several things have changed since we were last there - they've added a new section to Magic Kingdom with a few new rides and attractions, they've tweaked a few things at Epcot.  I also noticed a few minor changes at Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.  

But I have to say that the most noticeable and distressing difference was how many people were on their cellphones or iPads, at the park and during the time of the fun with friends or family.  I was seriously shocked, no kidding.  And I really enjoy my cellphone!  Every single line that we were on, approximately 75% of the people waiting had their eyes facing down at their screens.  They'd even clog the line because they were too distracted to notice that people ahead of them had moved forward.  There was such a complete lack of interest in anything that was happening outside of their handheld devices, their virtual worlds.

How sad is that?!  You're at Disney World! The most magical god damned place on Earth!  Why can't people look at each other and talk to each other?

I get that lines can be long and sucky, I really do. I'm sure using games or perusing Facebook helps pass the time. But nobody was even interacting!  Not that it has to be a party-like atmosphere at all times or anything, but like, nobody seemed to be bouncing around with excitement at almost being on a ride.  It didn't seem like anyone was talking about what might be ahead, about what was around the next corner, about what to expect on the ride or at the attraction, or what they were going to do next after the ride.

Parents were distracted on their phones, kids were busy on their devices...  like, "no big deal... it's only Disney World..."

I used my cellphone for a few things, for sure. I used it as a camera. It was nice not to have to lug around my DSLR, and the quality of my iPhone camera is pretty good. I used it to check on wait times for certain attractions. I didn't want to trek a mile to the Tower of Terror if the line was 75 minutes long, so that was convenient.  I also used it to remind myself what times my Fast Passes were. But jeez, going through the parks, so many people were walking with their faces down, completely missing all of the cool and awesome things surrounding them.  

Maybe I'm dumb, and maybe I should be normalized to such a thing, but I really was surprised and sad about it.  My ten-year-old kid even said, "Why are so many people not even paying attention?  We're at Disney!"

How in the world are people going to get back to actually being in the moment, instead of "kind of near" the moment?  Do people even want to?

A while back, I was walking to the beach with my kids and some family, and I was carrying my iPhone in such a way that you could see the sky and the clouds - I was trying to get a cool shot for Instagram.  So I said to Megan, "Hey Meg, look at how blue the sky looks on my phone!"  And her response was, "Or you could actually look at the real sky," and she pointed upwards.

And I was like, oh wow.  It was a huge eye-opener, a light bulb moment, and she was totally right.  The real sky and being in the moment is so much better than a picture.

I just hope people haven't already completely forgotten that...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

on a similar note, I would have picked Duckie

I'm keeping with the 80's theme that I seem to have going.  Just go with it, I'm feeling nostalgic.

Anyway, I was a huge Duckie fan.  Pretty in Pink Duckie, if you were unclear.

I think Andie was a jerk for blowing off Duckie and deciding to hang with rich, preppy (and kind of not cute) Blane, but I guess you can't make a person like another person, right? Back in the day, I think lots of people were into Andrew McCarthy (the guy who played Blane), I can totally imagine the old Teen Beat posters hanging on the walls of suburban teen aged girls everywhere. He wasn't my type, I didn't like him, I didn't have a Teen Beat poster of him hanging on my wall.  He was too skinny and boring and average in my opinion.  Nothing about him stood out from the crowd.  I thought he was a twerpy sheep.  Also, Andie and Blane had zero chemistry in that movie, if you ask me.

Speaking of jerks in Pretty in Pink, Steff was the exact opposite of the kind of guy I would have gone out with when I was in high school.  Rich jackasses were kind of off my radar.  I do quite enjoy James Spader in general though. I really think it took me a while to like him because his obnoxiously narcissistic character Steff spilled over into real life.  It was hard to look at him and not see a jerk with feathered hair in an over sized blazer. I do love him in The Blacklist  though and I would probably go out on a date with him if he asked me, he does have a really distinctively sexy voice.  But I digress...

So I would have definitely chosen Duckie.  I like quirky and different.  I guess that everyone already knows that in the original screenplay, Andie was supposed to end up with Duckie. Apparently the tester audience or something didn't think that it was believable. I think I would have liked to see them end up together.  He might have seemed a touch annoying and slightly stalkerish, but still adorable and funny and loyal.  And nerdy guys are notorious for being the best kissers. Ultimately, she would have broken his fragile heart, but it still would have been great to see.  

Legit question: Why doesn't anyone ever choose quirky and different?  Why does nobody give the cool, funky guy who isn't afraid to be an individual and wear a bolero a chance?  Sometimes you have to look past things that other people might see as unappealing or character flaws! The best part of someone is their real self!  Who wants a fake, watered down, surfacey version of a person?

Thinking about these 80's characters totally just made me remember someone so out of the typical plain old normal people I'd always surround myself with back then. This guy, Reagan was his name (I remember his name because it was interesting and different), lived across the street from me in Denver, and I'm basically 100% sure he never knew I existed.  I thought he was so cool from afar, though I never had the nerve to approach him. I pretty much forgot all about him after I became friends with other people, but he definitely looked like the kind of guy that would be in a John Hughes film, definitely like the kind of guy I would have been into.  I wonder if as a grown up, he is still kind of cool.